At Dawson String Covers, we take pride in our prompt and professional service and standards when it comes to the sale and delivery of our world-class string covers to all of our customers. Please read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us.

Hi Clark,

I’m writing to tell you about how pleased we are with the 30 or so string covers we ordered from you. Delivery was prompt and the workmanship is consistently first-rate. We placed the covers in all our new practice room Steinways and Bostons and the investment has already paid dividends in keeping the instruments clean and protected from minor spills. There is also no sign of any string rust from the occasional condensation we experience here due to students leaving windows open. I would wholeheartedly recommend your covers to anyone wishing to protect the major investment their piano represents.

Warmest regards,


Eric Wolfley, RPT
Director of Piano Services
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati


You've got a great business going. Your covers fit. They arrive promptly and the price is more than fair. You've got my business for as long as I continue to work.

Richard Davenport RPT


Hey Clark,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your string blankets. As I told you on the phone any piano that has one of your blankets in it always brings a higher trade in value or better resale price because of the protection your string cover gives. They always look new inside too!!

Mark E. Adams RPT




I am extremely pleased with the string cover you made for my piano. It fits perfectly and looks great!

It is nice to know that there are still companies that are committed to producing excellent, high-quality items. Keep up the good work!

B. Ericks


Hi Clark, Your string covers fit and look great, I sell them all the time, love your covers!!!!!! thanks so much

Russell Berkley RPTrberkley@san.rr.com



After 30 years in the piano service business, I found three elements that my clients most respond to. Prompt and courteous service, High quality products, and a professional business relationship.

I have experienced all these attributes in my business relationship with you and your company

The brochures you’ve supplied have given me the business tools needed in demonstrating to my clients the added value of using your high quality string covers in protecting their investment in a fine quality piano.

Thank you for your prompt response to my order requests along with your immediate turn around in shipping your product. I will continue to offer all my clients the benefits of Dawson String Covers.

David Sposto RPT



Dear Clark,  Just wanted to inform you that I received the cover just now. Thank you very much I was extremely pleased dealing with you. I am very satisfied and happy. I have a fulfilled feeling of great value for money.

Best Regards,
 T. Akkari



Clark & Susan The string cover arrived last week and is now installed in my piano. The instructions were much appreciated and easy to follow.

The quality of materials and especially the workmanship exceeded my expectation -- it's a perfect fit and looks wonderful inside my Steinway grand.

Thank you for a great product as well as unsurpassed customer support and communication!




I have used them and recommended them for years. There is no single item that protects the piano more. Simple, easy and technicians love them.

Ed Tomlison
Piano Technincan
Califonia Keyboards


Hi Clark,

I installed the string cover today and was very pleased with the fit and ease of installing. I like that the battens are already in place and will not move out of location, since the pockets that the wood goes into are sewn in place. The cover also unpacks much easier than the previous product that I have sold.

Thanks for your quick response concerning delivery!

Stay tuned,
Gary Greek
Gary Greek, RPT
Piano Tuning & Repair
Oakhurst, CA 93644
email: Pianoman@YosemiteVacation.com


Hi Clark,

I just received my string cover. I usually don't take the time to post reviews, but in your case I'll make an exception!

The string cover itself is as flawless as expected. Beautiful, fits perfectly and easy to install. Your excellent service, above and beyond good commercial practice, truly impressed me.

I would recommend your product to anyone without hesitation.

Thank you again,

S. Tremblay, Canada


Clark- yesterday you mentioned that after you placed an ad, you got lots of orders - good for you and the business. Why do I care? You provide a service at a price and a turn-around time that is superior to any competition that I have seen in this part of the business. I would like nothing more to see your business succeed. Not because you're located 'up the road', because of what I just said about price and especially turn-around time. For example:The order I just placed for the Pearl River- that client will be leaving shortly for the month..they will be back by Jan.6. I told them we will make an appointment on Jan.8 to install the String Cover. I could not make that appointment with the other string cover maker that I use to use because it would not have arrived by then. Making that appointment when they got back assures the client it would be here. You have to admit that's an assurance that can not be measured for customer satisfaction. The client 'assumes' the date would be fine. In the past, if I were to place the order with someone else, there would be no assurance that the cover would be there at that time they returned back..and then you would have to wait for it to arrive and THEN make the appointment to install. This in my opinion is hardly customer satisfaction in their case or MY case.Let me know how I can help your business succeed besides ordering..!!

-- Phil Bondi, RPT Bondi’s Piano Service


Hello Clark – I just wanted to let you know that the string cover arrived, has been placed in the piano, and looks beautiful – as you can see. The color couldn't be better! It matches my whole decore. Thank you so very much. Your quality of work and of the material used is very much appreciated. 



Hello Clark, just a note to let you know I received the cover on Saturday. I am impressed with the quality and finishing of this cover and it fits perfectly. Thank you!



Hi Clark

Good to here from you. The string covers I have ordered from you have been excellent. My clients really like them. Thank You. Thanks for your great product…

Ron Kneale RPT California


Hi Clark, You have the best string covers in the world, My friends & I have been using them for more than 5 years, and you even shipped them to us in Hong Kong ! Perfect for the humid weather here ! Love them ! Ms. Chan

"Dawson's String Covers fit well and are made of fine materials and sewn beautifully. The turn around time after ordering is amazing as well."

Brian Janey Piano Technician
Allegro Piano Service


Hi Clark.. Man- you are fast. It is a pleasure to work with you and I think your product is a sound investment and is a no brainer. I have seen far to many pianos destroyed by moisture.My string cover arrived the other day and I put it in this morning. It fits and looks great! Just in time too since the humidity is picking up and the heat index has been over 100 a day this past week. I will definitely place all my future orders with you. The samples will be a big help- I am going to take pictures of the cover in my Yamaha G2 so customers know what it looks like and how it lays in the piano. My cover looks great and fits like a glove. I am really glad its in the piano because the heat index and r/h has been unusually high for this early in the summer.

Jim Kelly
Fur Elise Piano Service
Pawleys Island, SC



Finally caught up with the customer and got the string cover installed on the C7 Yamaha. Looks great, thank you for the great service. Where have you been all these years?

Kevin Padgett
Jamestown Piano Shop


Hi Clark,

I got the Yamaha C-5 string cover and new swatches thanks, both covers were great! The customers loved them! I was able to use the sales tool kit the other day, the husband was not home “ it was his piano” so I talked to his wife and was able to easily show her how the cover worked and I was able to leave her the nice info card. I will follow up with them this week and hopefully be ordering another cover.


Mike Greene Jr
Greene’s Piano Service



'Tis the season - to be busy! I would like to order a string cover for a Steinway L - black material, greek key stitch with red thread. I'm amazed at how these things almost sell themselves - I'm not a hard sell kind of guy - I do little more than bring it up, mention a few of the benefits... and there you go.

Jeff Stickney RPT
Missoula, MT


I have been a piano technician in San DIego for about 10 years and highly recommend Dawson String Covers. The string covers they make are excellent and made of the highest quality materials. They always deliver on time and Clark has gone the extra mile to provide that "extra-mile" service.

Their product and integrity are first class and I am very happy to recommend them.

Joe Garrison - piano technician
619: 284.8772


Hi Clark,

The string cover got here two days ago. The color is really nice and it looks good in the piano. I'm so glad the sound of the piano hasn't been affected by the string cover. And I'm glad I can leave the piano open now without having to worry about the DUST!!!

Thanks so much,



Actual recent email from piano tuner/technician Jim Kelly...

A Dawson String Cover saved a K Kawai Grand:

Hey Clark… I drove to Hilton Head Thursday to inspect the Kawai that got wet from a bathtub leak above it. When I got there the piano had been moved to the side and a guy was on a ladder with his heat through the ceiling tracing the leak. Evidently it is a Jacuzzi tub and leaks can be tough to track down. Anyway the customer told me she heard dripping and looked in and saw a piece of the ceiling on the top of the piano. She keeps the lid down and her Dawson string cover on all the time. When she opened the lid there was a pool of water on top of the blanket in the bottom left corner. There had been enough water that it drained onto the left cheek block and water was dripping from the screw holding the cheek block. I had one heck of a time getting the block out so I could pull out the action. After prying, pulling and just before I was going to my van to gets some M80 blockbusters the block came free. It was damp to the touch so I suspect the locator dowel had swollen in the keybed locator hole. Anyway- amazing- no water on the key bed, key frame, soundboard, keyfelts, key sticks, dampers hammers etc. Nothing underneath indicating water damage. The owner was extremely grateful that she listened to me and bought a cover. I know it saved the piano.

Jim Kelly

Piano Technician


Dear Dawson,

It was such a pleasure working with you. Your wonderful string cover made our client so happy. Your prompt and dedicated service is awesome. We are definitely going to continue referring our clients to your product line. Here is a review from one our clients.

Best regards,

Michelle Lamm, owner

Michelle's Melody Fine Piano Tuning, LLC

St. Augustine, FL


"I recently purchased a Dawson String Cover for my 6’3” Schimmel grand through my certified piano technician, Michelle Lamm. When I received it, I could see why Michelle recommended it so highly. It is absolutely beautiful. It is well-crafted burgundy wool with gold feather stitching, and looks and feels much more expensive that it was. My strings recently had to be replaced due to nearly 50 years of corrosive effects of the Florida humidity, and I wanted to ensure that they would be well protected in the future. I am convinced that they will be. And surprisingly, the tone of the piano sounds just as pure with the cover on as without. I am very pleased with my purchase. "


Thank you so much for your great product and wonderful customer service. When we found your company we had been looking for the best string cover in the industry and I am sure that we have found it. Consistent quality and great customer service are very much appreciated in the service industry. Our customers always are very appreciative that I have recommended such a well made and useful product for their piano. Most piano owners in South Florida are looking for the best way to care for their piano and your cover is a vital part of that. Our company only uses and recommends Dawson String Covers. We recommend one to every customer who owns a grand piano.

Thanks Again,

Marcia Ramsey, RPT

Director of Technical Services

Piano Service Center



Hi Clark,

I feel fortunate to have found a maker/supplier as reliable as Dawson String Covers. Your products are of the highest quality and you have gone out of your way to provide our customers with super fast shipping and excellent service. When I place my orders via e-mail, you respond immediately with a confirmation. Compared to the service and prices of other string cover manufactures we have used, Dawson Strings Covers is the best!

Keyboard Concepts (The #1 Yamaha, Bosendorfer and Schimmel dealer in America )


Mr. Dawson,

Thank you for getting a new string cover for our new piano so quickly which we ordered through our piano tech Shawn Skylark. We had used your product previously for our baby grand piano for over 3 years and recently traded in for a bigger piano. We order from you again because of the fit and quality of your product. Our 3-year-old baby grand piano with your cover had perfectly clean brand new sparkling strings and plate. There is no oxidation on the copper strings whatsoever. The cover kept the strings clean, and the hammers also were clean and did not have the typical black marks on them you see on typical pianos. Having a brand new looking piano certainly helped its value during our trade. I am also very happy that your product does not affect the sound of the piano at all.


Lefont Kao



My 1917 "O" Steinway is loving the string cover! I have to tell you it does help maintain a better tuning stability more than I thought it would. As well, my piano in my family room is not far from the kitchen and in a high-traffic area where lots of dust gets kicked up. The strings and soundboard remain dust-free. The dust cover does help maintain tuning stability, especially as humidity levels change inside my home.

Glen R

Piano Tuner/Technician

Denver, Colorado


Aloha Clark!

"I wish to take this chance to laud you for the beautiful string covers you are producing. My customers are simply ecstatic after I install them. For years I have either been installing felt covers with no battens that sag on the strings exacerbating the rusting problem or heavy vinyl covers that sag on the strings muffling the tone. Finally I have a string cover to sell that makes sense and is of extremely high quality. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to add your product to my client offerings.

Lee David Gordon

Piano Technician

Honolulu, HI


Hi Clark,

We are very happy with the quality of your string covers, and are especially happy with your customer service and promptness in getting the covers shipped to us. The fact you offer free shipping is a nice bonus. We plan on giving you all our string cover orders from now on. Thank you, and we are so happy to have found you!

Best Regards,

Kathy Gilkey &

John Gilkey

Cucamonga Music Co.

Hi, I received my string cover today. I am very happy and pleased with the cover my piano technician recommended. It is very nicely done, and delivered very quickly. The stitching is very beautiful as well. Thanks a lot once again!

H. Lin



I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful, high quality product! I know that each cover is hand made with great care, and boy, does it show! The quality of the wool is outstanding, there's never any fear of the cover touching the strings, nor any concern of the battens scratching the harp, and it's simple for any piano owner to take out or put in. So many of the piano harps we restorers have to refinish because of the build-up of dust and grime would never need refinishing if your covers had been used over the life of the piano. And a good finish on a harp is much more expensive than one of your covers.

As a piano technician I am constantly asked by customers who own grand pianos how to clean the dust and debris out from the area of the harp and strings. The best answer is to simply never need to clean the area at all! Rather, prevent dust and debris from ever getting in there in the first place and keep the entire interior in pristine condition with a string cover!

Dawson is the brand I recommend to all my customers who wish to preserve and protect the inside of their grand piano.

Trevor T. Nelson

Registered Piano Technician

Boulder, CO



Hi Clark,

The cover arrived, it fits perfectly and is beautiful. Customer and I both very pleased. From now on, you will get all my string cover orders. Thanks!

Another testimonial...

Hi Clark,

The Steinway S white cover you made fits perfectly and looks beautiful. Customer is delighted, so am I, and so should you be!

Larry Lobel, RPT

Virtuoso Piano Service

Petaluma, California



Clark I Hope all is well with you. My client very much likes the Steinway D string cover you provided. Truly a quality job. Thanks!

Clyde Allen Piano tuning and repair


H 301-879-1978 ~ C 301-455-8950

Silver Spring, MD, 20904


Clark, I was RSVP to your email and then U CALLED…so in conclusion, you guys go the extra effort to provide service, that’s all I need to know. Thank you for the expedited effort,

Mike Bingham,The Piano Doctor

Toms River, NJ

PianoDisc Installer

Disklavier Specialist


The string cover arrived today and it fits perfectly. Looks very nice and now I don’t have to worry about my strings rusting. Thank you very much to you & my piano tuner for recommending one. You get 5 stars in my book.

Anderson Family



Hi Clark,

The cover is beautiful and very well constructed.

I am very pleased with it!

Thanks to you and your wife



Hi Clark,

My piano string cover is sitting prettily on the soundboard now.

I received it a few days ago. White, with red Greek stitch. And I am pleased! Both with the product and not having to worry about dust on the soundboard.


God bless,

Jan - Singapore


Hi Clark,

Just wanted to let you know that we received the string cover for my model A which my piano technician recommended and it's terrific! Thanks for the quick turnaround, we are very happy with your with your wonderful product.

Take care,




Hi Clark -

The string cover arrived today. It is a perfect fit! Thank you so much. I am so glad that I found Dawson String Covers. I've attached photos of my gorgeous vintage restored Mason & Hamlin so you can see how it looks (I still need to smooth out the part under the lid, the toughest part to get to, but my piano tuner is coming next week, so he can help with that). Your cover will protect this beauty for decades to come!




Thanks Clark,

Perfect fit.

Great job.




Staying as "green" and non toxic as possible in our home, we contacted Clark to see if he could make us a string cover from certified undyed, unbleached 100% wool. We also wanted the battens to be untreated maple instead of pine. Clark did some research and was able to do this for us, and we are very pleased with our new Steinway string cover. Great personalized and reliable customer service! Friedman Family

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