About Our String Covers

Our 100% wool piano string covers are hand-cut, hand-made, and available for every size grand piano. We offer string covers in several colors. Please choose from Black, Burgundy, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Tan, Royal Blue, Medium Blue, White, and Red. We also offer two beautiful decorative stitches, Greek Key or Feather. These decorative stitches are available in Gold, Blue, Red, Black, or White thread. You may elect to keep your string cover plain and free of decorative stitching. All requests should be communicated via e-mail. We have just acquired the former Edwards String Covers company templates . We now have over 1200 templates in stock! See Black sample on right side column >>

Available in a variety of colors


Pictured below are our decorative stitching choices. The top three rows of each sample string cover show the Greek Key stitch, and the bottom three rows show the Feather Stitch. Both stitches are available in Gold, Blue, Red, Black, or White thread






Your Dawson String Cover folds back easily for tuning. Wooden battens are inserted into matching wool felt sleeves with convenient tabs on each end for easy removal when cleaning. These battens act as a support, gently resting on the harp so the string cover does not come into contact with the strings. The string cover is not attached to the piano but simply lay in place.

Harp protected by string cover

String Cover protected harp and strings


Please note the difference. Your beautiful instrument is an investment. Over time it will prove to be only as good as its protection. A Dawson String Cover protects your investment


Unprotected harp and strings