1. Carefully unpack the string cover from its packaging.
  2. Take the music rack off of the piano. Most will simply slide out of the front of the piano but some older models may require the removal of screws. Open the piano lid.
  3. Place the string cover on a clean surface with the wooden battens facing down.
  4. Identify the two sides that are cut on a straight line. Face the straight sides towards the left of the piano and the curved side towards the right side of the piano.
  5. Starting at the front of the piano, place the string cover inside and walk it in all the way to the curved side. The cover does not attach to the piano but will simply lie across the harp and strings. Note: Dawson String Covers are intentionally cut to reach the edges of the rim, covering the soundboard area and pin block completely. The part of the string cover that covers the pin block can be folded back for tuning purposes.
  6. Replace the music rack.

Dawson String Covers are designed to remain inside the piano without hampering the sound even while the instrument is played. The string cover will lift up easily to show the beautiful condition of the soundboard, strings, and harp. We suggest that once accumulated dust is evident remove your string cover, remove the wooden battens, and shake the string cover to remove accumulated dust.

Dawson String Covers are 100% wool and are dry clean only. Do not wash.


1. Dawson String Covers are 100% wool. Wool has proven to be the best material to protect the inside of a piano from changes in temperature and humidity. Wool hinders rust and corrosion, offering superior protection for the most crucial parts of the piano such as the strings, tuning pins, hitch pins, and all essential metal hardware.

2. Dust, which collects on the soundboard and strings can dampen the tone and sound of a piano. Dawson Strings Covers protect against this.

3. Dawson String Covers keep other objects and debris such as paperclips, pencils, bits of paper, and animal hair from falling onto the soundboard which can create unusual noises.”

4. The regular use of a Dawson String Cover will reduce the need for service calls to a piano technician.

5. Accidents happen. Dawson String Covers absorb spilled liquid and reduce possible damage to the inside of the piano.

6. Dawson String Covers protect the investment that is your piano. It increases its life and preserves its beautiful sounds, providing you and others with years of joy and growth in your craft.